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What would you do if you were being Cyber Bullied?

Tell someone or ignore it.
Delete App
Tell my mum and dad or a trusted adult
Delete app
Tell an adult
Tell someone I trust
Tell a trusted adult, teacher or friend
Show the message to a trusted adult. 
Turn off my devices and tell someone 
Tell a teacher, parent or guardian
Tell a trusted Adult 
Ignore or delete
Get evdience and report to a trusted adult
Tell an adult 
Ignore them 
I would either ignore, block, and take a break from the internet. If the cyber bullying went Further, I would get parents or trustworthy people to be involved.
I would ignore/block them and not say anything back. then I would ( if gets worst) I would tell a parent or adult.
Tell them to fuck off
I would go strait to more than one trusted adult and tell them everything, also asking for advice.
Delete app
Let a parent know, inform a trusted guardian